I am very well working on episode 2 to come out very soon. You may notice a slight change in character design and detailing. I also may be more detailing in my newer episodes so please be mindful of that. Anyway, epsisode 2 will be here ASAP!

Progress in Flash!

2015-09-23 08:43:00 by sonicspeed323


I've been fast learning about how to shade and make objects. I'm only still beginning but I'll get better with time. This is also one of the backgrounds I want to use for the first episode of of my fan series too.

New Sonic Fan Series!

2015-07-25 01:56:43 by sonicspeed323

For so long I've dreamt about making a fan series for Sonic. I've yet to learn how to animate properly on the computer though...but soon, I'll make it happen. Hopefully college lessons will give me some assistance. But this series will be called DTH: Demon the Hedgehog. I've made these characters for about 6 years now so they deserve life. I've already made a soundtrack for the series and I'm still making more songs, that's one way I'm prepared to make this series so stay tuned!